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Stock Brokers

Welcome to stockbrokers.com.au - your online stock broker directory and portal to all the information you need about stock brokers.

When you are thinking about entering in the stock market, you will need a qualified stock broker to trade and invest. Stock brokers offer many more services too, and you can find the stock broker you need right here. You can also find information to help you decide on the type of broker you need, from discount brokers to online stock brokers, and the various services stock brokers provide, plus a whole lot more.

Look no further than stockbrokers.com.au for everything you need to known about stock brokers.


Stock brokers are qualified professionals authorised to buy and sell shares on the Australian stock exchange (usually through a brokerage house or market maker). You can also find brokers for other financial investment products such as derivatives and commodities. Sometimes, stock brokers are also called stockbrokers, stock-brokers or share brokers.

Depending on the type of stock broker you choose, your broker may be able to offer you financial advice and recommendation and even take care of the whole stock trading affair. These brokers are often referred to as full time brokers, and their associated fees are higher than brokers that don't offer advice.

Stock brokers that do not offer advice are called non-advisory or discount brokers, and they allow experienced traders a bare bones service that allows cost cutting to improve the bottom line. You can access stock brokers over the phone, fax and the internet. Some stock brokers operate exclusively online, and these are called online stock brokers.

An online stock broker may offer you stock market news, stock tips and other general advice, but will stop short of a committed recommendation that a full service broker will make. Online stock brokers have been characterised by their low fee structure and online trading software that allows users complete access to the stock markets.

No matter which stock broker you choose, the final decisions will rest with you since it is your investment money. The stock market is a worthwhile investment venture for many individuals ranging from small investors to large investors. However, there are associated risks with the stock market, so make sure you do the appropriate amount of research and contact a professional before making any commitments.

You will find many professionals on this website, and you can browse online right now for stock brokers.

Stock Broker Information

A stock broker is a trained professional with the correct qualification to trade shares on a stock exchange. A regular person cannot trade on the stock market by themselves, so they use a stock broker to facilitate the trade.

There are three main types of Stock brokers - full service stock brokers, discount stock brokers or online brokers. A full service stock broker will offer comprehensive advice and may even take control of your investment for you. However, they charge higher fees accordingly.

A discount stock broker provides a more basic service, but with lower brokerage fees. These days, discount brokers and online brokers will still provide investors with market reports and other information, but it will be up to the investor to make the crucial decisions.

Questions To Consider Before You Find A Stock Broker

Before approaching a stock broker or financial advisor, there are certain questions you should consider. First, you need to decide on your investment goals, the amount you are planning to invest and the degree of risk you are prepared to carry.

Your investment goals may include attempting to make a gain over the short term, or you could be making a measured investment for the long term or even retirement. Different goals will require individual strategies and may also decide the second important factor - risk.

Obviously, it's important to reduce risk wherever possible. However, short-term gains are rarely possible without a higher degree of risk, and even long-term investing has associated risks. For this reason, it's important to do as much research as possible, which could mean everything from watching market news or reading books to attending seminars run by the ASX.

Finally, the dollar amount you can afford to invest will dictate the type of stock broker you use, and the direction of your investment. Whether you have a smaller amount to invest or you are planning on a large investment venture, only you can decide what is the best direction for your finances. No matter which direction you choose, do your research thoroughly, and if in doubt, speak to a qualified financial professional.

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